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Malaysia GST Accounting Software | Million Accounting System

Get ready for GST in 2015 with Million Accounting Software

With the 6% Goods and Service Tax (GST) Implemented, new financial requirements are compulsory for GST Registered.

Million Accounting System is compliant with Malaysia GST. It is effective in generating all the GST documents required by the GST governing body such as Form 3 and detail transactions listing. The sample tax codes and GST compulsory Reports are embedded in the system and is ready to be generated with a click of button. With Million Accounting Software, setting up GST for your company is now a hassle free procedure.

We are proud to share in May 2015; Million, the GST Accounting Software had equipped thousands of business with the right tool to submit their GST successfully.

With Million Accounting, all Million Business users need not worry about GST deadline as all required reports will be populated right away from the software with one click.

In addition, Our Accounting System includes an invoicing software with function to generate Tax Invoice and Simplified tax Invoice according to Malaysia’s GST requirements.

For more enquiry of Malaysia GST and Million Accounting, please feel free to contact us at sales@million-software.com.my

Samples of GST Reports

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