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Who Are We? | Million Accounting software

Best GST Accounting Software Malaysia

www.million-software.com.my, the best gst accounting software Malaysia, an online portal proudly owned by Rockbell Software Sdn Bhd. We have been in the business for 20 years, with more than 30,000 customers in both Singapore & Malaysia.

As the market changes, we recognize the increasing to create an online distribution channel to purchase accounting software/ payroll system and services at users’ convenience. Our accounting system is also compliance to Malaysia GST, a gst accounting software which enable you to integrated with invoicing software, inventory software or payroll software.

As business owners/entrepreneurs are more IT Savy and well informed, they favor the independence of purchasing their products and service online when right information is give. The creation of an online portal also provides an opportunity to market our products to a greater audience. We are proud to share Million Accounting , Inventory & Payroll software to the wider market.

Purchasing online can also be a mean to cut down unnecessary cost while still having receive support 24/7 anytime, anywhere- a win-win situation.

If there is a need for face to face or phone to phone customer service assistance, we have a ready team of support technicians ready to assist all your sales and support enquiries at your office and we also have local representative in every state in Malaysia.