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How Million Payroll System Can Help Your Business

How Million Payroll System can help your business?


Most businesses have definitely been through the awful experience of extremely tedious manual payroll calculations using Excel spreadsheets. Yet, many small to medium business owners prefer this type of payroll processing as it is less costly without the technological complications.


With the rapid advancement of technology today, Million Payroll System can offer much more than just the ability to automate payroll calculations.




  • Track employee working hours (Overtime calculation at rate 1.0 times, 1.5 times, 2.0 times or 3 times)
  • Calculate salaries (3 pay rate types: monthly, daily and hourly)
  • Annual & Medical leave tracking
  • Withholding taxes and deductions
  • Printing and delivery paychecks
  • Paying employment taxes to government


  • 跟踪员工工作时间(加班费率为1.0倍,1.5倍,2.0倍或3倍)
  • 计算工资(3种薪酬类型:月,日,小时)
  • 年度和医疗假追踪
  • 预扣税和扣除
  • 打印和交货支票
  • 向政府支付就业税


  • Payslip
  • Pay Summary (Basic Pay / Overtime / CPF)
  • Personal & Payroll Report
  • Work Force / Turnover Analysis
  • Yearly Employee Pay Summary
  • Leave Reports (Outstanding leave, exhausted leave)


  • 工资单
  • 薪酬摘要(基本工资/加班费/ CPF)
  • 个人和工资单报告
  • 劳动力/营业额分析
  • 年度员工薪酬摘要
  • 离开报告(优秀假,耗尽假期)

Online vs Desktop Payroll System


Advantages of Desktop Payroll System
Advantage of Cloud Payroll System
  • In-house data storage
  • Independent from internet connectivity
  • Ownership of the license
  • 内部数据存储
  • 独立于互联网连接
  • 许可证的所有权
  • Accessible
  • Subscription price
  • 无障碍
  • 认购价
  • 自动更新软件