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Why Your Businesses Need A Computerised Payroll Software?

Why your businesses need a computerised Payroll Software?


In the olden days, spreadsheets were used for managing payroll, but are they still efficient? 之前,电子表格被用于管理工资单,但现在还是有效吗?

Payroll is an important process for every company for which the employers pay their employees for the work they have done. An efficient payroll software like Million Payroll is one that organizes employee payments and filing of employee taxes which includes tracking of employee working hours, calculating salaries, paying employment taxes to government. 薪资是每个雇主为雇员支付工作的公司所付出的重要过程。一个有效的工资单系统,如百万工资单是组织员工支付和提交员工税的机构,包括跟踪员工的工作时间,计算工资,向政府支付就业税。


Therefore, by running payroll manually is very tedious and is prone to errors, disorganized payroll processing and limited capabilities. 所以通过手工运行工资单是非常繁琐的,容易出错,工资处理混乱,能力有限。

  1. Tendency of errors错误倾向
    • Manual payroll processing is prone to human error; a single wrong entry could result in a completely inaccurate record. Resolving errors and double checking data is tremendously burdensome, if the error cannot be found, data will have to be recalculated which takes up a lot of valuable time. 手工付款处理容易出现人为错误;单个错误的条目可能导致完全不准确的记录。解决错误和双重检查数据是非常繁重的,如果无法找到错误,则必须重新计算数据,这将占用大量宝贵的时间。

  2. Disorganized payroll processing无组织的工资单处理
    • The use of spreadsheets to process payroll will result in multiple sheets and files as you need different documents for employee information, payroll, leave, claims and other data. It can easily get too complex and limits quick data analysis or a clear overview which makes it difficult to predict customer’s needs and demand. 使用电子表格处理工资单将导致多个工作表和文件,因为您需要不同的文档用于员工信息,工资单,假期,索赔和其他数据。它可以很容易地变得太复杂,限制了快速的数据分析或清晰的概述,这使得难以预测客户的需求和需求。

  3. Limited capabilities功能有限
    • Manual methods of payroll processing have very limited capabilities for example, leave application has to be tracked via hard copies of forms and standard reports, CPF files, bank GIRO and pay slips cannot be automatically generated with a click of a button. 手工处理的手工方法具有非常有限的功能,例如,必须通过表单和标准报告的硬拷贝跟踪休假应用程序,CPF文件,银行GIRO和支付单不能通过点击按钮自动生成。