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Essential Features Of A Payroll Software

Essential features of a Payroll Software?


If you’re thinking of purchasing payroll software or making a switch these are the kinds of features and functionalities good software should give you. Million Payroll Software has it all! 如果您正在考虑购买工资软件或进行切换,那么这些功能和功能就是软件应该给予的。百万工资软件一切都有!


Million payroll software provide automation, productivity, ease of use, consistent and reliable service. To help you narrow down your selection, here are some essential features that any payroll software should have. 百万工资软件提供自动化,生产力,易用性,一致可靠的服务。为了帮助您缩小选择范围,以下是任何工资软件应具备的一些基本功能


  • Tax calculations and filing 税务计算和备案


Determining tax amounts for each employee is a basic payroll function. With automated calculations, it reduces the risk of human calculation error as well as the tedious paperwork. Additionally, it also calculates the employee’s CPF and IRS deductions accurately and paid in a timely manner which can prevent government’s penalties due to late submission. 确定每个员工的税额是基本的工资单功能。通过自动计算,可以减少人为计算错误的风险以及繁琐的文书工作。另外,还可以及时计算员工的公积金和国税局扣除额,并可以及时支付,这样可以防止政府迟交的处罚。


  • Payroll Processing工资单处理


Million payroll software offer integration capabilities such as linking the software to compute all types of payment, such as salaries, hourly and overtime which saves a lot of payroll processing time from having to manually input the necessary payroll information. 百万工资单系统提供集成功能,例如连接系统以计算所有类型的付款,例如工资,小时和超时,从而节省大量工资核算处理时间,从而不必手动输入必要的工资单信息。


  • Integrated access to information综合获取信息


Million payroll system allows authorized personnel to access to personal data of the employee, data such as annual leave, sick leave, performance records and entitlements. We can also access to other information such as benefits, expense and even pay slips. Making adjustment or changes to each employee will only take a few seconds. 百万自动工资单系统允许授权人员访问员工的个人资料,诸如年假,病假,绩效记录和权利等数据。我们还可以访问其他信息,例如福利,费用甚至工资单。对每个员工进行调整或更改只需要几秒钟。