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Why Use Million Accounting Software Instead Of Excel?

Why use Million Accounting Software instead of Excel?




“Need to DIY your own accounting? Choose Million Accounting Software! 
So simple you can start straight away. Simple. Brilliant. Complete. “

Microsoft Excel has been a great tool in handling basic accounting tasks for small business however it becomes cumbersome when managing financial data for a growing business. Here are some reasons for you to move on to Million Accounting Software!

Microsoft Excel一直是处理小型企业基本会计任务的重要工具,但管理日益增长的业务的财务数据变得繁琐。以下是您进入百万会计软件的一些原因!

  • Accuracy准确性

Manual accounting processes involve making mathematical calculations error and an incorrect entry in the early process could have a great impact on the end balance. Computerized Million Accounting Software, on the other hand can help to increase the accuracy of your records by minimizing human errors in calculation.


  • Speed速度

Million Accounting Software allows businesses to process their accounts quicker than manual processing in accounting calculations for the functions such as payroll management, billing and expenses which is complex. In addition, Million Accounting Software allows businesses to increase efficiency by introducing automation which eliminates cumbersome and increase productivity of the company, it is less time consuming as of manual processes.


  • Tax税务

Filing your business taxes can be a complex process and having Million Accounting Software which computerizes your accounts will get you ready for the year end quicker and more accurately. Million Accounting software helps to make this process easier by ensuring that all of your business's financial details are in one place.