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About Us | Million Accounting Software Malaysia

www.million-software.com.my is an online portal to provide

  1. Information on Million Accounting Software, Invoicing Software & Payroll Software Products such as features/ pricing / demo and testimonials
  2. A one stop portal to purchase the software online
  3. A portal to provide technical support and online tutorials for Million users

As business owners/ entrepreneurs are getting more IT Savvy and independent, they can manage their own business with the RIGHT Accounting software. An accounting system that can allow them to capture real time financial and business information about their businesses. With such ready reports on hand, they can be ahead of their accounts and make right decisions for their business

Owning Million Accounting Software is never that simple with Million-online portal.

Start Right Away with Million Accounting
  1. View Demo online
  2. Choose product to buy and make payment via online transfer or PayPal
  3. Attend Online tutorials to start using the system and get certified, if you want
  4. Start as soon as possible
  5. Receive online support from FNQ and our customer service

Having the right information is no more a difficult task. Business owners and administrators can manage their own accounts even with minimal accounting knowledge. We have simplified the process to doing accounts to simple data keying and generating a set of full financial reports with GST Accounting Software.

Have any problems, our online tutorials and FNQ will provide 24/7 assistance to ensure the right reports are generated.

If you want to be ahead of your business, start using Million Accounting Software