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Access Out Of Office | Million Accounting Software Malaysia

With the change of working culture, we are seeing an increase number of users requiring to access Accounting Software Payroll software on the go. There is an increasing need for the software to be able to be mobile and users would be able to access and print wherever they go. Hence, Million Accounting System & Payroll System comes with an Internet User which allows user to access using any PC, IPAD, Tablets as long as you are connected to internet. Purchase Million Internet User for this convenience.

With this device in plan, users need not pay for exorbitant set up fees of server and IT infrastructure just to have online access. Million Accounting (a.k.a. gst accounting software), Inventory & Payroll Software can be used on the go!

This private clout sets up is free with no monthly subscription free and most importantly, it ensure that all data in Million, Inventory Software & Payroll System is stored in your own secure server.

Access out of the office with Million Accounting Software