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Accountants / Accounting Firms | Million Accounting Software

Million Accounting Software & Payroll Software is designed specifically for accounting firms, freelance accountants and bookkeepers especially integrated with gst accounting software in Malaysia. Currently, it is widely used by accountants in both Singapore and Malaysia because it allows users to create unlimited directories to manage all their customer’s accounts with just 1 license. With 1 license, accountants can create unlimited directories for both for their accounting and payroll customers with million accounting system and payroll system.

We are proud to share that, our software is both compliant to Singapore and Malaysia GST . If you purchase an International Software License, you can do both SG and MYR GST with one license. Also, users can create company database with any base currency.

Try it and you will know that Million Accounting has been designed and intended for the accountants in mind.

Why Do Accounting firm & Freelance Accountants Choose Million?

  1. Multi- Company – Unlimited company data supported by any single license. Create as many as you like!
  2. Mobile Licensing c/w USB Key – Work from any computer at any time.
  3. Multi-user License – Up to 10 users in a multi-user license (highly recommended for accounting firms)
  4. No Yearly Subscription – Paid once and enjoy FOC upgrade for life time.
  5. Private Clout- Work from Home
  6. Export to Excel- All Reports can be converted into MS Excel for calculation
  7. GST Approved for Malaysia in 2014 – Comprehensive GST Reporting Reports

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