3 tips when selecting a payroll software for your F&B business

Employees are important assets to the company. It is a business owner’s responsibility to ensure that his or her employee’s welfare are well taken care of, in the sense that they are paid accurately and on time. This can be done easily with a good payroll software. Here are some tips to consider when you look for a payroll software.

  1. Automate as many manual tasks as possible

The basic functions of a payroll software include calculating salary and generating payslips. To further improve efficiency, consider a software that is able to do more than just that. Some payroll software offers functions for tax filing, automate sending of payslips and allows paying salaries from the software directly, all are time-consuming tasks when done manually. By having your payroll software do all that for you, business owners can better spend their time on business planning.

  1. Streamline HR processes

Consider integrating your payroll software with a time attendance system that is able to track employee’s attendance, time in and time out. Salary is calculated automatically according to the number of working hours clocked in. You will also be able to set rules, such as pay deductions for lateness and early dismissal. If you have multiple outlets and staff, this will make monitoring much easier.

  1. Look out for hidden costs

Your software will need to be updated whenever there are changes to HR laws to avoid penalties. When you purchase a payroll software, you have to think far and consider all the charges that might incur in the future. Some payroll software might offer free upgrades, but most still charge for this service. Understand what each brand offers before you make a decision.

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