Accounting software features that can help to optimize your business

  1. Multi-currency

An accounting system that supports different currencies can help save time and cost when transacting across borders. Currency conversions are automated and ensure that all exchange rates are updated in real time. It also allows you to filter transactions and generate useful reports according to currencies. By having this feature in your accounting software, it eliminates the uncertainties that comes with foreign transactions.

  1. Payroll

Every employer would know that employees are precious assets to the company. Therefore, it is important to ensure that employees are happy and are dutifully paid for their hard work. As your business expands, it gets harder and harder to do payroll manually and is often prone to human error. With payroll features, recurring salary calculations and generating accurate pay slips are computerised to reduce manual tasks.

  1. Reports

Financial reports help companies identify business trends and track business performances. This is one of the must-have functions in your accounting software that can greatly benefit business owners as it helps them to make important decisions and plan for the year ahead.

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