Best of both worlds: Combining HR and Payroll Software

Differentiating Payroll and HR

While many may think that Payroll and HR are the same thing, both are actually fundamentally different. Payroll is the processing of salary, involving salary calculation, making payments, doing taxes and maintain records of employees. HR manages employees in the sense of employing suitable talents for the company, motivate employees and ensuring that their work is up to standard.


How can Payroll and HR integrate?

Payroll and HR have many overlapped functions such as recruiting new employee, increasing salary, deciding on bonus amount, vacation leaves and more. Therefore, a good payroll software should cater to all the above-mentioned functions so that both departments can coordinate without having the same work done twice. With both parties accessing the same database, it ensures that both parties can monitor each other so that tasks, such as issuing pay checks can be fulfilled on time. Furthermore, a centralised database eliminates discrepancy of information and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

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