Client’s Account: A Must Have for Every Law Firm


It is common practise for businesses such as banks and building society to keep a client’s account for when they hold or receive money from clients. In the context of a law firm, a client’s account is used to record client’s profile and to check on their client’s cases.

Client’s Account allow law firms to key in received payment from client to them (as client’s payment is not a direct revenue). It also has payment functions if law firms are in charge to make payment on behalf of their client and check client’s cash flow.

Client’s Account is able to print official receipt and payment voucher. After any transaction, our Client’s Account can print out the following report:

  • Account Balance
  • Tax Transaction Listing
  • Legal Fee & Disbursement Listing
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Client Statement
  • Ledger


Instant – Check client’s profile immediately

Understand – Better tracking of client’s cash flow

Detail – Elaborated client’s account report

Simple – Easy to use learn and use

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