MITI Application Guide

MITI is a declaration and not an application, all you need to do is submit your declaration! You will need to submit your company’s information and declare that you will be following the SOP rules closely.
MITI是一项声明不是申请, 只需要提交就行了!提交公司需要填写公司自身资料和声明公司将遵守SOP条规。

Declaration period 提交时间: 4.5.2020 – 12.5.2020


Here’s how to apply to MITI for your business to resume activities.

Step 1 : Log in MITI Website  / 登陆 MITI 网站

Register your company if you have not done so before. / 如果尚未注册,请登记您的公司。


Step 2 : Fill up application form / 填写表格

After login, please go to Borang Notifikasi > Notifikasi Beroperasi > Daftar Natifikasi Baru



Applicants can download the excel template below to fill in employees information for uploading to the website. 申请人可以下载以下的excel file WorkersNamelist-v1来填写员工信息并以上传到网站。


Step 3 : Submit application after ensuring all details are correct. 确保所有详细信息正确后提交。


Step 4 : Receive outcome within 5 days via MITI website. Successful applicants will be able to download an official letter with an unique QR code. Employees are required to carry this letter with them all times in case of random checks by government personnel. 申请人能在五天工作日内,通过MITI网站收到结果。申请若是成功,公司将能够下载附有QR码的批准信件。员工须随身携带这封信,政府人员将进行随机检查。

Step 5 : Failed applicants can submit an appeal on the same website. 申请若是失败,公司可以在同一个网站上提出上诉。


Step 6 : For business opened  during Stage 1 to 3, fill up and submit Laporan Harian Prosedur Operasi Standard (SOP) Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Bersyarat (PKPB) every day.
如果您是MCO Period Stage 1 to Stage 3開工的公司,就必须每天需要填写并提交 Laporan Harian Prosedur Operasi Standard (SOP) Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Bersyarat (PKPB),



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