Payroll software for bookkeepers

Everybody knows that having a solid bookkeeping practice is important to any business. Therefore when it comes to payroll, there are certain must-have functions that is sure to help a bookkeeper do their work easier and ensures that the business is constantly growing. Here are 3 features bookkeepers should look out for when choosing a payroll software.


  1. On premise, cloud or hybrid

There are no right or wrong whether the software is desktop-based, cloud-based or half-half; it entirely depends on what your needs and working habits are. If you are constantly on-the-go, you might want to consider cloud payroll software. If you want maximum data security, find an on-premise and secure your data in your own server. If you are somewhere in the middle, hybrid software might be your best bet.


  1. Reports

As a bookkeeper, you will need to monitor trends and analyse numbers. As such, your payroll software should be able to show you all of those in detailed breakdowns. It’s even better if you can filter and customise reports that are most convenient for you.


  1. Compliant to laws and regulations

To avoid breaking the laws and having to pay hefty fines, it is best to choose a payroll software that has been endorsed by the local government agencies. Also, look out for free software upgrades if there are any whenever there are changes made to manpower regulations. This will take off the burden of always having to be aware of new changes or risk being penalised.

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