Payroll Software for Small Business

Is doing payroll causing you a lot of trouble? There are so many rooms for making mistakes even if you are doing payroll for just one employee. There are deadlines to meet, payments to make and the everchanging tax regulations to follow. As a small business owner, missing a deadline or payment can cause you to pay hefty fines. Therefore, to avoid making these mistakes, the best way would be to use a payroll software. Here are some of the things you should take note of when searching for a payroll software.


Software upgrades

In Malaysia, it seems like there are changes made to tax regulations very so often. This makes it hard for business owners to always stay compliant with the latest law. Therefore, your payroll software has to be localised and upgraded constantly. Look for a software provider that does free software upgrades will save you a lot of money compared to one that charges you every time. As software upgrades are a need and not a want, you will have no choice but to pay for it.


Hidden costs

When considering buying a payroll software, make sure to list down all the possible hidden costs. Is there a yearly renewal fee? Do you have to pay for professional services? What about when your business expands? Will you need to pay more for your payroll software? While cloud payroll might seem affordable as first, it might not be the case when you start to have more employees.



Every business dream of making it big. Prepare yourself for expansion in advance to save you lots of time and money in the future. Find yourself a software that can accommodates various company sizes so that you will not have to move to another software as your business grows. Data migrations can be tricky and expensive so this might be something you would like to consider now.

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