Million Payroll System is your proven payroll solution to calculate your employees’ hourly, daily and monthly salary and manage your statutory requirements. It will automatically compute your EPF, SOCSO and Income Tax and generate all necessary report. All reports are designed to meet the government requirements in Malaysia.

Million Payroll Software is simple and easy to use, specially designed to ensure smooth navigation and straightforward operation even for users with minimum Payroll knowledge. With a computerized system, our software can eliminate human error and long manpower hours on calculation of salary, statutory requirements and leave management, regardless of the size of your company

With various pre-embedded tax codes and formulas, you are just a few clicks away from generating reports and payslips. Payslips are highly customizable to suit each company’s requirements.

This software is specifically designed for accounting firms, freelance accountants and bookkeepers in Malaysia to cater for unlimited directories so that they can manage all of their customer’s account with just one license. Upgrade patches will be provided to ensure that our payroll system is in line with new government updates.

Feature Highlights
  • Able to handle Multi company transactions
  • 3 modes of payment- monthly, daily and hourly
  • Bonus, Commission, Advance Payment
  • Maintain Personnel / Employee profiles
  • Allowances table, deduction table and user defined overtime
  • Calculate Monthly salary, EPF, Socso & PCB
  • User defined pay slip format
  • Produces statutory report such as EPF, Socso and Income Tax
  • Various management & operation reports
  • Management reports can be converted into Ms Excel form
  • Loan
  • Auto Pay System (APS) - MBB. PBB, CIMB, RHB, HLB and etc.

With a team of competent technicians, we are always ready to help with any functional and technical related issues. Reach out to us through a phone call, fax or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Services we provide includes customization of formats and reports, data migration from excel, onsite setup and configuration, set up of charts of accounts/master file and many more.

There is an increasing need for the software to be mobile so that users would be able to access and print wherever they go. Hence, Million Payroll Software comes with an Internet User which allows user to access using any PC, IPAD, Tablets as long as there is an internet connection. With this device in plan, users need not pay for exorbitant setup fees of server and IT infrastructure just to have online access. This private clout sets up is free with no monthly subscription free and most importantly, it ensures that all data in Million Payroll Software is stored in your own secure server.

Q: Is Million Payroll – EPF/SOCSO/PCB compliant?

A: Yes, we are. All reports generated by Million Payroll System are designed to meet the government requirements in Malaysia.

Q: Do I have to key in data from scratch into the new software?

A: We offer data migration services for data such as customer/supplier/items/balance brought forward from excel into Million. Million Accounting and Payroll Software has ready MS Excel template for you to import your data all at one go. Transporting data from software to software is now time saving and hassle-free.

Q: Can I use Million Payroll for multi-company transaction?

A: Yes, you can. Million Softwares support multi-company transaction. With one license, create as many directories as you need to manage all your client’s account.

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