Million Accounting System is an all-in-one system that covers all your accounting needs with its 4 modules -Accounting Software, Invoicing Software, Inventory Software and Payroll Software. Generating all necessary financial reports such as Profit & Loss, Trial Balance and Malaysia SST reports is made easy for you with just a few clicks.

Our system is loved and used by many accountants and local SMEs for its diverse functionality and simplicity. The process to do accounts is now as easy as keying data and generating a set of full financial reports.

With a team of competent technicians, we are always ready to help with any issues and enquiries. Reach out to us through phone call, fax or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Services we provide includes customization of formats and reports, data migration from excel, onsite setup and configuration, set up of charts of accounts/master file and many more.

Companies can now choose to access Million software through their portable devices and work on the go. Businesses can now save up on setting up server and IT infrastructure. With your own device, it ensures that all data in the system is stored in your own secure server.

With Million Accounting System, anyone with minimal accounting and inventory knowledge can manage accounts, thus helping your company to be time and cost efficient.

The accounting module enables company to handle multi-company transactions in multi-currency, do budget planning base on project and department, handles SST and the general ledger. Some highlighted functions include able to record advance payment and postdated cheques, audit trail reports and record debtors and creditors

Generate reports such as trial balance, balance sheet, bank reconciliation, project reports, general ledger listing, profit & loss and many more.

The invoicing module is added on top of the accounting module. It includes the sales invoicing function and allows real time integration with the accounting module. Some highlighted functions include item and service grouping, different unit of measurement (U.O.M) available and able to track historical records,

Generate quotations, sales order, delivery order, invoice, cash sale, credit/debit note and product/ monthly/customer sales analysis.

The inventory module builds on the accounting and invoicing modules. Some highlighted functions include real-time update of stock level, do stock valuation for individual items using different methods and it enables real-time integration with the accounting module.

Generate stock card, stock balance, order/purchase invoice and location reports. Million Inventory Software allows integration with other accounting management and POS system.

The payroll module helps company to calculate salary and produce itemized pay slips. Some highlighted features include 3 modes of payment, maintaining personnel or employee profiles, able to calculate monthly salary, EPF, Socso & PCB and able to generate various management and operation reports.

  Accounting Accounting Invoicing Accounting & Stock Control Stock Control

Q:Is Million Software subscription based?

A: No, Million Software is not subscription based. No need to worry about recurring fees, pay once and enjoy the software for as long as you can!

Q: Can I purchase only the modules I need?

A: The combination of modules we offer are Million Accounting, Million Accounting & Invoicing, Million Accounting & Inventory (inclusive of invoicing functions) and Million Inventory. Million Payroll System can be purchased individually or on top of any combination of modules.