What are the most popular accounting software features among Malaysian companies?

Although all companies differ from one another, one thing they have in common is the need for a good accounting system that is able to support the business’s growth. Here are some of the most sought-after accounting software features among businesses in Malaysia.

Multiple Company Directory

Business owners in Malaysia tends to own several businesses therefore they would require an accounting software that is able to create multiple directories. It is more cost-saving than having separate accounting software for each company and makes it easier to access data as it is stored together. While some software charge for additional databases, many are free and can create unlimited directories.

Sales and Service Tax ready

Accounting software that are approved by government bodies are more trustworthy and saves a lot more time when preparing for tax submission. Businesses that have a lot of tax related activity will be able to file their returns easily and promptly as tax computations are done in real-time, saving the trouble of having to add up percentages later on.

Simple and easy to use

More often than not, it is the clerks and administrators who uses the accounting software on a daily basis for data entry. As not all of them are trained in doing accounting, the software has to be easy to navigate and does not require much prior knowledge. It should also come with the full set of accounting functions to still allow accountants to furnish the data into proper accounting documents.

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