What to look for in Accounting Software Malaysia

What to look for in an accounting software for business owners in Malaysia?

For Malaysian business owners who are considering purchasing an accounting software, here are a few things to take note when considering which brand to buy.


  • Software Upgrades

As the tax system in Malaysia is constantly changing, your accounting software has to be upgraded accordingly to comply with the laws. Hence, it is important that your accounting software is localized and provides software upgrades regularly. Another thing to look out for is the price of software upgrades. Some software vendors might charge you exorbitant prices every time so make sure to find one that is more affordable or better still, free.


  • Scalability

Every business owner wants their company to soar and do well. With that in mind, your accounting software should be able to grow with your business. Does the accounting software allow you to add users? Can it handle high volume of transactions? Will it be able to incorporate with other modules such as inventory management or human resource management? Think ahead to avoid having to switch software in the future as it can be both time and cost consuming.


  • Cost

As a company, you would want to increase sales and cut costs. It is important to consider all possible expenses when you purchase an accounting software. Is the software on a subscription basis? How much more do you need to pay as your company expands? Do you have to pay for software maintenance? Some software may appear cheap upfront but there are many hidden costs.


Also, it is common for business owners in Malaysia to have more than one company. By getting a software that can handle multi company’s transaction, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Therefore, evaluate your needs thoroughly before making a decision.

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